Dalgona is a whipped instant coffee, sugar, and hot water that is quite tasty and super easy to make. Anyone can make this coffee and get the best results. It has few ingredients. Dalgona originates from Macau. It is a Korean word which means sweet.


Instant coffee 2 teaspoons Hot water 2 tablespoons Sugar 2 teaspoons Milk of choice ½ cup or 1 cup Ice cubes


  1. Mix instant coffee, sugar, and hot water together.
  2. Beat for 1-2 minutes then add ice cubes and milk.


  • Try to use the best quality instant coffee.
  • You can use a hand beater or hand whisk but that will take some time and effort.
  • Use hot water, not boiling.
  • Try to use whole milk.
  • For vegans oat milk barista edition.
  • You can always control how much sugar you like.
  • Brown sugar or any syrup won’t get you the consistency of Dalgona.
  • If you use powdered sugar then you will get the best consistency.

Total Calories

184 with one cup of whole milk