Last year I visited a local cafe. I asked the barista about their favorite summer coffee drink and he replied, “orange espresso tonic”. Although I was sceptical, the moment I sipped I was in heaven. This drink is made of fresh orange juice with tonic water and simple sugar syrup. The orange juice and espresso go well together. Perfect acidity, perfect sweetness. Let’s try Coffeebro style.

orange slices


  • Fresh orange juice ½ cup | 120ml
  • Tonic soda ½ cup | 120ml
  • Brewed coffee ½ cup |120ml
  • Ice cube


  1. Squeeze orange juice
  2. Add ice cubes
  3. Pour tonic water
  4. Pour brewed coffee at the end


  • Try to use 100% orange juice
  • You can use tetra pack juice too
  • If you like more sweetness then add simple syrup

Total Calories